Dear Southport Family,

We trust you are keeping well and finally looking forward to some much needed freedom and sunshine!

We are proud to announce to you, an important name change to the hugely anticipated festival in London on September 4th and a little explanation as to the reason behind renaming the event Beautiful People

When we did our first Southport Weekender Festival in London’s Finsbury Park, we didn’t have any plans in place for the full blown Southport Weekender to return again and take place at Butlins. At the time we wanted to build upon the reputation of a brand you have all loved and which holds so much respect throughout the world, focussing on producing a lovingly curated Festival in true SPW style – an event that you all feel part of and with arenas featuring the music so dear to your heart and your memories.

Now that we are gearing up once again with so much anticipation for Bognor in March 2022, we feel that the time is right to change the name of the festival to something more suitable and befitting of a proper bespoke London show, and of course eliminate the obvious confusion between the two events (there’s been quite a bit…!).

The sales for September have blown us away and it’s so obvious that after the year we’ve just had, we all just can’t wait to get out there again to meet friends old and new with the music we have so badly missed. We already have more people attending than any of our previous three London festivals at this stage, so we have no hesitation in saying this will be a blockbuster sell out!

Don’t worry, all original Southport Weekender Festival tickets remain valid, including rolled over tickets from the postponed 2020 show and also complimentary loyalty tickets that were offered from the postponed Southport Weekender 2020 Butlins event.

We want to assure you all that other than the name, nothing else will change. The venues you are all so familiar with will remain the same and of course the musical mix you have become so accustomed to will remain untouched, with The Powerhouse, The Funkbase, The SunceBeat Dome, Deep Into Soul and Mi Soul all continuing to feature alongside the SPW production you would expect.

We put a lot of thought into deciding the new festival name and we think it fits perfectly with you, the Southport Family.